The eye behind the lens...



….is me, Anna-Carina.
I'm an Cross-Media allrounder with focus in photography and journalism.
Originally from the Swiss-German border, loving to travel and see magical places – always with my good old mate the Canon 700D.

Why MindRabbit?


The little girl just could not sleep
because her thoughts were way too deep
 her mind had gone out for a stroll
and fallen down the rabbit hole.

-Lewis Carroll, Alice – Through the looking glass

Known from Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit takes the literary position of the hectic and restless guide.
Psychologists and authors like Prof. Philip Zimbardo and Richard Gerri, see the role of the White Rabbit as an interpretative symbol for the adult mode of life full of obligation and the struggle to assert oneself.

But the theoretical-philosophic approach, which I interpret as well, is a total different one:
Open your eyes and notice the things existing around you. If they catch your eye so give yourself and your mind fully to them. Follow your instinct and the clues in front of you and find out how deep the rabbit hole is…expand your consciousness!

Anna-Carina Schmidt, MindRabbit Photography , Me shooting night sky in long exposure; by Mr.Jay Treeds
Anna-Carina Schmidt, MindRabbit Photography Portrait